Control Centre

Squad Security Control CentreSquad Security’s European wide Control Centre manages and coordinates 24/7, 365 day planned and emergency guarding across its array of major global clients.

The company’s ethos over the past 10 years is one of a security company delivering a fast response time capability, managed through its highly vetted and secure network of international security companies. Countries include France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Holland, Sweden, Belgium and Poland. All guarding requests are managed through Squad Security’s UK headquartered Control Centre.

Our remit is to be able to provide, within 4 hours, guarding on location at the designated site. Utilising the latest software platform our Control Centre operatives monitor and manage all deployed guards. Guards are able to access, via a remote secure link, their assigned duties including log on and off times. This monitoring allows for discrepancies to be immediately identified in relation to lateness on duty and attendance so enhancing the Control Centre’s ability to take immediate remedial action and in doing so meeting the client’s needs in mitigating operational duties.

Engaged companies can also benefit by utilising our software management of invoicing and payment as well as the provision of secure data storage.