Logistics Protection

Lorry delivering goods to destination

There are inherent risks to moving high-value loads by road. Our team of security escorts is vastly experienced in this sector and prides itself on its thorough attention to detail. The process will start with a thorough and comprehensive risk assessment. Standard operating procedures ensure there are no ‘grey’ areas in the process. Full briefings are given to the operatives with a designated team leader identified. Clear written instructions are given to all operatives. Each task is supported with the use of our 24-hour monitoring capability and a clear set of escalation instructions is agreed prior to commencement.

Tracking and monitoring of high-value loads is considered to be a necessity so Squad Security has engineered solutions to meet this demand. Our tracking device capability allows the user to monitor and locate moving assets globally, and in doing so help increase the efficiency of the transportation, whether it's fuel usage or driver analysis. With the unique array of tracking and recovery solutions embedded onto our devices, we can demonstrate that cargo whether on the move or static within containers can be accurately monitored through our user-friendly device interface, thus aiding integration on to any monitoring software platform.